Saint Paul Rehabilitation Consultant for Workers’ Compensation Claims

When an injury happens at work, complex workers’ compensation laws come into play. The injured worker may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and missed work, and the employer may be required to take certain actions – like training the worker for a new job. An experienced licensed psychologist and rehabilitation consultant can help manage the case and support the parties involved.

As a Saint Paul-based rehabilitation consultant, Nathaniel Stewart, Jr. can help. Psychology and Rehabilitation Services works with almost all major insurance companies, as well as case management companies that focus on individual rehabilitation programs, including workers’ compensation. We offer professional support for:

  • Workers and their families: We create a plan for suitable and gainful employment. We also monitor medical and physical improvements as time goes one.
  • Employers: We assess jobs and job modifications. We also help new employers direct placement, give on-the-job training and administer retraining.
  • Lawyers: We develop and modify plans and help resolve issues, when applicable.
  • Doctors: We obtain medical records, work releases, restrictions and on-site-analysis approval. We also help to understand patient limitations.
  • Insurance companies: We help claims adjusters develop and modify plans to reduce project costs.

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Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Laws Are Complex

Workers’ comp laws are complicated. Employers can get tripped up, and so can injury victims themselves. There are many requirements that must be met. Failing to meet them—or taking too long to respond—can mean that time is wasted or valuable benefits are lost.

We have consulted on workers’ comp cases for years, so we know what the law requires. We pay close attention to the details and make sure that the feedback we provide is useful, relevant and actionable. That way, our clients can get the best value for their money.

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